My name is Eva and I’m a graphic designer from Oporto, Portugal.

Since I know myself I always loved drawing, painting, organizing things by colors and beautiful things.

My first design experience started in 2006, when I initiated my graduation in Graphic Design and Advertising at ESEIG.

My desire to share and acquire more knowledge led me to do Erasmus in 2009 at UCLAN-Preston.

When I finished my academic career, my first internship was as a graphic designer in Barcelona , where I have been for 6 months and where I have lived a great moment in my life.

After that, I came back to Portugal, where I worked as a freelancer and I’ve done another internship for one year.

My motivation and curiosity always led me to want to know more about other places and cultures .

Recently I moved to London for another experience of living and working, where I want to be able to show my skills and to create unique and interesting design work. I like handwriting typography, illustration, photography, scrapbooks and collages. Looking to carry out my projects as much inspiration as possible.

I like listening to music, traveling, cooking and of course eat.

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